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Neon Signs

Extreme powerful brightness
Create maximum attention value
Up to 60% less electricity generated
High-quality components
Durable up to 100.000 burning hours
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Want to buy a LED Neon Sign? By LEDreclamebords you have come to the right place for durable, quality and affordable Neon Signs with the newest light techniques LED NEON. We sell customized Neon Signs, personalized Neon lightning and Neon lamps which you can make/ design, for both business and private use.

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Directly to design a Neon text? 
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For as long as light technique exists, is Neon Signs an indispensable part of our street scene. However technique of light glass Neon is the last years been outdated and offers LED neon an better, more sustainable and affordable option. We have found a unique combination in both; the emission of glass neon with the light technique of LED do we have the following benefits:       

 High Neon brightness with a powerful attention value

 Durable Neon life span up to 100.000 burning hours

 Energy efficient Neon – Up to 80% more economical as glass neon

 Affordable LED Neon Signing – up to 5 time cheaper as glass neon

These LED Neon Sign technique is it possible to make every text, design or logo simply and fast to produce, that all for an affordable price. Our custom Neon Signs can be made in desired format and colour. It has the highest attention value and especially innovative colourful appearance. With over 10 years of experience in glass neon as in LED light advertisement technique, we can provide our customers of quality and durable products of a long life span, sleek finish and with excellent service.

Custom Neon
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Directly design your own custom Neon Sign

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Atmospheric Neon lightning

Neon Signs can make really a Good Vibes feeling in every space. With a Neon advertisement Sign can you make a boring wall or facade a colourful and remarkable space. Alongside of the high attention value of our Neon Signs, it also makes an atmospheric colours round about your space. Neon light of offers you endless possibilities, since you can customize your own Neon Sign. Want to make your own Neon Sign? Or want your logo in personalized Neon or your own text in Neon? Take a look at our new renewed Neon configurator and decide your Neon Signs colours. Neon text and graphic design in Neon and you can (after approval of your design) directly buy your personalized Neon Sign in our web shop!

Quality Neon Signing
A Neon Sign, in other words a Neon bord of will be handmade and will be provided of the highest quality materials. Hereby we guarantee the perfect sleek finish, powerful brightness and most important the long life span. Our Neon Signs / Neon bords are made to last 10 years, as well as indoor use as outdoor. Our LED Neon Sign are affordable and innovative. We use light technique LED Neon. This is a new Neon illumination/ Neon lamp with the technology and benefits of LED illumination. Before Neon was made blown out of glass. The benefits of the LED Neon lights is that it is more affordable, is less susceptible to interference, has a longer life span and Neon is made easier to personalize. You can make your Neon sign just as desired and way easier then ever before. 

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