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Design your Own

Extreme powerful brightness
Create maximum attention value
Up to 60% less electricity generated
High-quality components
Durable up to 100.000 burning hours
Provide of our 24/7 support and service

Lowest price guarantee Custom Neon Signs


Did you ever wanted to make your Neon Sign for your shop or company? Or a Neon Sign for personal use? Then you have come to the right place for quality, durable and affordable LED Neon Signing. Never before was it so easy and affordable to personalize your own Neon Sign 

Do you need your own logo in Neon? 
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Directly to design a Neon text? 
Customize now

As long as light advertisement exists, is neon light advertisement indispensable part of our street scene. However the light technique of glass neon have been outdated for the past few years and offers LED neon advertisement a better, sustainable and more affordable option. We have found unique way to combine them both: The appearance of glass neon with the light technique of LED has the following benefits:   

High brightness NEON advertisement with a powerful attention value    
Durable Neon light life span up to 100.000 burning hours    
Energy saving LED Neon advertisement –  Up to 80% more economical than glass neon   
Affordable Neon Signs – Up to 5 times cheaper than glass neon   

This technique makes it possible to make every text, design or logo simply and quick to produce, for an affordable price. Our custom neon signs can be made in every desired size and colour, it also has the highest attention value and mostly an innovative appearance. With over 10 years of experience in glass neon as in LED light technique can we provide every customer of quality and durable products with a long life span, sleek finish and with a excellent service.    

Affordable Neon – LED Neon advertisement customization
Do you desire a unique, striking and affordable light advertisement solution for your business premises or shop? Then we are happy to help you further with our LED Neon Signs customizations. With our Neon Signs you have  incredibly a lot of options where there is possibility to make your own Neon text / Neon logo or you can make with our Neon configurator your own Neon advertisement. We can make every desired size, shape or colour for you in our Neon Signs.

Would you like to receive a non-binding quotation? Get in touch with us. 

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