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UltraPro series - Professional LED ticker measurements 71 x 23.8 x 7 cm

UltraPro series - Professional LED ticker measurements 71 x 23.8 x 7 cm
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UltraPro series - Professional LED ticker 71 cm*23.8 cm*7 cm

Professional LED ticker of high quality with measurements of 71*23.8*7 cm. This LED ticker has a pixel pitch of  7.62 mm.  The pixel pitch of 7.62 mm ensures a sharp and clearly legible display at both short and long  distances. The maximum reading distance of this model is 80 metres.

Our professional LED tickers are equipped with a comprehensive software package that includes an  IR wireless keyboard  and  PC software program . The LED ticker can be easily and quickly programmed using the wireless keyboard or software program. Texts, Animations, Time/Date, Font, Lines, Brightness, Timer functions, Effects, etc. can be displayed alternately or together on the LED ticker. Our Outdoor LED tickers can be supplied with a temperature gauge so that the outside temperature can also be displayed on the LED ticker. Please make sure to mention this while placing  your order. There is no extra charge for this. 

All professional LED tickers are equipped with a   2GB memory . It can store up to 100 texts and programs. The stored texts are easy and quick to delete or change using the keyboard or software program. The LED tickers also come with several  new functionalities : You can now enter 1, 2 or even 3 lines below each other, and you can select various frames around the text.

We offer a very wide range of LED tickers with different LED colours, such as Red, Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Red/Blue/Pink, Red/Green/Yellow and Full Colour. Besides the different LED colours, you can also choose from 3 different models:

- LED ticker for indoors:                                   Indoor
- LED ticker behind a shop window or window:           Window
- LED ticker for outdoors:                                    Outdoor

Our Indoor LED tickers are equipped with standard LED modules with standard brightness. The Window and Outdoor models are equpped with High-Brightness LED modules. These  High-Brightness modules  ensure optimal light intensity and are clearly legible in bright sun/daylight ! The Window and Outdoor LED modules can also be dimmed from 10% to 100%. The Outdoor models have an  IP65 enclosure  with automatic ventilation system for differences in temperatures.

At the top of the page, you can put together your preferred LED ticker with the right  LED colour  and  model.  

All-In Service Subscription ( optional )
Our UltraPro professional LED tickers come with a standard 2-year manufacturer warranty. We also provide the option of taking out an All-In Service subscription for just €7.95 per month (excl. VAT). The service subscription has a duration of 36 or 60 months and includes the following benefits: 

 Prevent high fees for repairs and service
 Malfunctions and defects are resolved free of charge within 48 hours
 You will receive all-in service on location, including man-hours, call-out charges and materials
 All parts, such as LED modules, power supplies and controllers, are included
 Your LED ticker will receive the attention it needs to guarantee a service life of more than 10-15 years
 Preventive inspection and maintenance of all components during a service visit by our mechanic

*Would you like to use the All-In Service Subscription? Please tick the applicable checkbox for 3 or 5 years. We will send you an e-mail after your order to confirm your service subscription. For more details, please download the appendix for all terms and conditions. 

- UltraPro professional LED ticker
- Adapter
- Software program
- Extensive manual
- IR wireless keyboard
- PC connector cable (RS232+USB)
- Mounting brackets

Including free wireless keyboard valued at €119.95!





8.2 kg


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Frame/display measurements

71*23.8*7 cm/64*16 cm



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Drukkerij Alpie - 20-02-2023 09:56

Mooi product, jammer geen software en handleiding bijgeleverd.
De software en handleiding wel snel via de mail geleverd na melding. - 05-02-2022 08:38

Top product erg blij mee!
Levering gaat volgens de normen , prima.
Zou alleen graag de gebruiksaanwijzing op papier
Willen hebben maar prima geholpen via de mail.
Ik raad het je zeker aan ,
Afz: B Nijman

Den Dorstige Duiker BV - 14-04-2020 08:10

Snelle levering, goede service. NL handleiding te beperkt. Mooie uitstraling en goede afleesbaarheid.

Roelof Joosten BSV de Hoogte - 31-01-2020 14:04

Snelle levering en snel antwoord op mijn vragen.

Roger - 22-02-2019 18:03

Product functioneert perfect. Snelle levering.
Nederlandse handleiding is te beperkt.
Engelstalige is in gebrekkig Engels.

Willy - 23-12-2018 18:51

Goed product, vlotte en correcte levering. Nederlandse handleiding is helaas beperkt.
Een vertaling van de uitgebreide Engelse handleiding op de meegeleverde usb-stick zou niet verkeerd zijn.

Ester Kluitman - 13-10-2018 12:12

Goede kwaliteit, snelle levering maar bovenal fanatische service!

Jos - 09-01-2018 16:19

Werkt naar behoren, zoals verwacht. Geen teleurstellingen in het product. Ziet er allemaal goed uit. Bijgeleverde toetsenbord werkt fijn en is uitgebreid. Er zijn volgens mij veel meer mogelijkheden dan dat ik nu gebruik. In iedergeval een goed werkend product.

Signmaking Co V bvba - 11-01-2016 15:23

Werkt perfect, perfecte levering, maar ...
montage mogelijkheden zijn echter beperkt enkel bovenaan zijn er moeren voorzien en deze kan je niet verplaatsen naar de onderste slede.
en een nederlandse gebruiksaanwijzing zou geen overbodige luxe zijn.

order 1099 - 03-03-2015 14:48

Leuke lichtkrant, gemakkelijk in te stellen en goed leesbaar.

Levertijd was helaas niet zo snel als verwacht.

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