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Angel neon sign - LED neon sign

Angel neon sign - LED neon sign
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Choose the color, model, size and backside panel

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Chose from one of our inspiring neon designs, fully handmade to create an ambiance for each space directly to improve. The LED neon Sign is directly ready for use and to personalize your own desires.  

 Chose out of 10 different LED neon colours  
Or Full Colour (incl controller and remote)
Chose from different dimensions    
Location: for inside or outside use ( fully IP65 waterproof)   
Chose the finish of the transparent acrylic back plate   

Our LED neon signs get completely off the peg delivered and are provided of high quality materials. We guarantee hereby a long lasting lifespan, high brilliance and precisely elaborated neon signs. The next accessories will be delivered with the purchase of a LED neon sign:  
Plug&play LED neon signing secured on a transparent back plate        
Automatically brilliance dimmer    
 Adapter and wiring    
 Fixing materials of the montage        
 If there will be chose for Full Colour, than we provide a controller + remote with it                 

Meanwhile light advertisement already exits, is neon advertisement no longer to think away from our street prospect. Nevertheless is the light technique glass neon the last years outdated and LED offers better, more durable and cheaper alternative. Now we have found a unique combination: The emission of glass neon with the light technique of LED has the following benefits:  

High Brilliance with a powerful attention value     
more durable life span till 100.000 burning hours
Energy saving - Up to 80% more economical as glass neon
Affordable - Up to 5 times cheaper as glass neon       

This technique makes it possible for each text, design or logo simply and quick to produce, in exchange for an affordable price. Our LED neon signs can be made in every desired size and colour. It manages for the highest attention value and especially an innovative emission.
With almost 10 years of experience in glass neon as in LED light technique, we can provide of high quality and durable products with a long lasting life span, firmly finished and with top quality service.

Why a LED neon sign of
Our LED neon signs are provided of durable materials and guaranteed with an long lasting life span that can run up to 100.000 burning hours. The neon signs are appropriated for intensive use and can be used 24/7. Contiguously we stick to large value to the production process of our neon sign. Hereby we guarantee a 100% satisfaction for our customer.

We produce our products in own management and guarantee hereby assembled delivery time. For our LED neon signs do we maintain 2-3 weeks after the order is accomplished. After the end production the neon signs will get tested for 72 hours before the order goes on transport. Hereby we guarantee a fully correct delivery


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